I love the English language, where one word can have 3 spellings and one pronunciation, like the word Four! Fore, Four and For come to mind. These words are called Homophones.

  • Homophones are words which have the same pronunciation, but different spellings and meanings.

Here are some more examples of Homophones, and I’m certain you can add to this list!

  • fair/fare                 genes/jeans             foul/fowl               grate/great              in/inn
  • hour/our               knight/night            no/know               nose/knows            maize/maze
  • meddle/metal      rain/reign                sea/see                   role/roll                   their/there/they’re

I’m  using Four as the example because this spring we purchased four lattice, fashionable, contemporary floral container in 4 different colors and I thought it would be fun to offer them on our website until we run out! Each color is perfect for spring/summer/autumn 2018.

We have Palace Blue.   We have Flamingo.  We have Lime Punch. We have Meadowlark.

Blue Palace  Cherry Tomato  Lime punch  Meadowlark

You can choose your favorite color and floral arrangement. We’ll work our magic for you!

We named this A Lattice Bouquet and you can find it on our home page! Don’t forget to tell us which color you prefer!

Lovely Lattice Bouquet

Enjoy the seasons with great colors and flowers from Roadrunner Florist!

Pamela and Tina