I LOVE a Cornucopia!

A Cornucopia, you say? What is that? It’s a symbol of plenty! Called the “Horn of Plenty”, it is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with flowers and colors of the season!

It’s STUNNING on a Thanksgiving table! Definitely my favorite of all!

At Roadrunner Florist we custom design each and every floral arrangement, including the beautiful Cornucopia, so no two are alike! Your Horn of Plenty will be perfect for your table, or for you to take with you when you celebrate Thanksgiving with family or friends. It’s the perfect hostess gift!

Imagine her delight when you walk in the door carrying this stunning floral centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table! The turkey will step aside when he sees the table, set with the finest china, silver, glassware and this beautiful floral arrangement!

Not everyone is as crazy over a Cornucopia and I am, and for those of you who are a bit more subtle, then we would like to offer a few more options for Thanksgiving centerpieces. Each one is a work of art, one of a kind, floral arrangement designed by Pamela E Smith, Michigan State University Floricuture Graduate.

Our Soft and Bright is a fall cube of flowers that’s perfect for a small table or mantle. Great delivered to an office the week before Thanksgiving, this arrangement is custom designed by Tina.

Soft and Pretty Autumn cube

Healthy thinkers might prefer our Love the Veggies Basket! The beauty of this gift is it’s healthy and fresh. The veggies are hand-selected in the morning and the basket is delivered the same day! It’s unique to Roadrunner FloristĀ  & Basket Express, so we can’t arrange delivery across the country. Fresh veggies of the season can be organic if you choose (just let us know when you place the order).

veggie basket medium

Sometimes we feel Thanksgiving is treated like a second-hand citizen because it’s lost somewhere between Halloween and Christmas. But NOT at Roadrunner Florist! We are always appreciative of our customers and friends! Happy Thanksgiving!

Pamela and Tina

Roadrunner Florist

Basket Express

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