Thanks for being our customer!

You are our customer, and today is the day we say THANKS!

What do we offer you that keeps you coming back to Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express?

YOU are the person who can answer that question!

But we thought we’d give you some food for thought…Maybe we’ve actually met! As IN PERSON! How could that be? There are  a lot of places we could meet.  We could have met at the hospital (when we’re delivering flowers) or at the supermarket. We could have met at the doggie park or at a networking meeting. Maybe we met at the Humane Society or at one of the churches or temples around town. Either way, when we meet in person we create an immediate rapport.

We could have met at our beautiful flower shop! Yes, you might be one of the wonderful people who has actually become a customer by walking into the shop to order flowers or pick them out from the cooler. You’ll find we always have a dozen or so arrangements from which you can choose, and lots of other flowers, too. You’ll even find we have gift baskets for babies that you can take with you.

In the cooler  Picture of the cooler Display cooler and Tina  Display cooler Baby girl gift basket wrapped  Baby boy basket

Maybe we are childhood friends. Pamela’s friends go back to her roots in Michigan, her studies at Michigan State University and her flower shop in the Detroit area. She’s very proud of the fact that many of her present-day customers are children (and grandchildren) of her customers from Esquire Flowers in Oak Park, MI. My friends go back to Denver. You know who you are!

Maybe you found us on the Internet. Maybe you even used Yelp! We love Yelpers, and Yelpers love us!

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Some of our Favorite Customers are the ones who come into the shop! These girls stopped by to pick up flowers for their new baby brother (well, the flowers were actually for their mom!!) and they let me snap their picture! Aren’t they adorable?

Customer 2 Girls in the shop

Maybe you’re one of our Internet Customers/Friends. We value you SO MUCH!! We think you’re the Creme’ de la’creme because you have found us on the ‘net! You have a gazillion options when you try to find a real, local flower shop on the Internet. Gee, I think it’s almost impossible! You want to work with a real person. You want to make sure your order is filled correctly, with the freshest flowers available. That’s why you look for us! Here’s Kaity. Her mother-in-law found us on Yelp very early one morning (ok, it was 6:30 here, which is 9:30 in Florida!) after calling an Internet listing that was pretending to be in Phoenix but actually was out of the country!

Kaity our morning customer

Perhaps you are a lucky recipient of fresh flowers from Roadrunner Florist or a gift basket from Basket Express! You are our best customer because you know what we do, and you know we can provide the same top-notch service for you! We think you’re grand! (especially if you attend #GrandCanyonUniversity)

Custoer from GCU

However you found us, we appreciate you!!  Our thank you: Mention this Blog and we’ll be happy to give you a $10 UPGRADE on the fresh flowers or gift basket you order TODAY!!* 

THANK YOU from your real, #local, #PhoenixFlowerShop,  Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express!

Pamela and Tina


Offer valid August 9 through 26, 2016


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