What is a Real Flower Shop?

People ask us all the time, and we know the answer! We’re going to let you in on our secret so you’ll know the answer too!

Welcome to Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express, proud to be YOUR REAL FLOWER SHOP!

A REAL FLOWER SHOP is a brick and mortar store, where freshest flowers are always available, a designer is on hand to custom design your creation and delivery drivers are waiting to take your special gift to your special person.

No, that does not include a middle man or a ‘pretend’ flower shop that is actually an out-of-state (or out of the country) order taker on the phone!

No, that does not include a website that works really, really, really hard to get your order (with pop ups, coupons, Groupons and other promos).

No, that does not include flower shop listings that appear everywhere on the Internet, pleading with you to visit the site and offering you amazing specials just so they can put you on their email list.

When you spend your hard-earned cash on fresh flowers or a gift basket, you should know the business you’re dealing with. It’s not enough to purchase on the Internet and take your chances. You should pick up the phone and call the business and ask these questions:

1. Where are you located?

2. Can I stop by and pick up flowers?

3. What are your store hours?

Red flags are:

1. A toll-free number (and no local number listed)

2. No street address

3. They only take orders for delivery and no, you can’t stop by and pick them up

4. High pressure when you call

Protect yourself when you visit a website by finding the address of the business. If it’s not listed or it’s listed at the bottom of the page in itty bitty print, then you’re probably dealing with a third-party and not with a real flower shop in the city you want to have your beautiful fresh flowers delivered!

A real flower shop is happy to have you stop by and pick up fresh flowers! A real flower shop has has coolers full of flowers like these (yes, these are at Roadrunner Florist in Phoenix, AZ)

Our cooler  Our cooler  Our cooler


Our cooler  our cooler


Visit our websites www.roadrunnerflorist.com and www.giftbasketsbytina.com and you’ll see our street address, local and toll-free phone numbers listed right there at the top. You’ll see pictures of us, Pamela and Tina, real people who design and deliver real flowers and gift baskets! You’ll see our pictures all over the sites, too, showing examples of our beautiful work.

Pamela and Large Spray at the Church  Tina holds a funeral spray  Pamela and sympathy spray


Oh, yes, in case you’re wondering, a third-party website would have no idea which stuffed animals, wind chimes, clowns and vases we carry in our store.

Plush in store  Clowns in store  Plush animalsGift Baskets inside shop  Gifts Vases Plush

If you are interested in having your picture taken at a real flower shop, then stop by Roadrunner Florist at 2007a W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015. We LOVE taking pictures of our customers and posting them on our Facebook page and our blog!

Welcome to Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express, proud to be YOUR REAL FLOWER SHOP!

  1. Very informative. One learns that you are not only reputable (something many of us already knew) but that you have set the bar high for others.

    • Thank you for the kind words and continued support of Roadrunner Florist. We endeavor to be a real flower shop that provides high-quality flowers and excellent customer service.

  2. I usually only buy flowers when I have a funeral to attend. I call to order – I have never even been inside a flower shop 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Robin. It is important that you understand the difference between a REAL flower shop and an order-taker, even if you never step foot inside a shop! When you “call to order” make sure you are talking to a real flower shop so you aren’t dealing with a middle-man! And if you think about it, you should check out your local REAL flower shop and walk in to say Hi! Tell them we sent you all the way from Phoenix!!

  3. I was a florist many years ago. I totally get this!

    • Good for you, Linda! I hope you shared this information all over the ‘net!

  4. Great information here! The older I care the more I care about true quality in flowers, as the life events get more important. Beautiful pictures on the post too!

    • Thanks Samantha. We recognize the value of the freshest flowers and great customer service.

  5. This is such a great way to help people screen out the locals from the national delivery florists. If only I had read this before buying flowers for a family member’s funeral. By not verifying I was dealing with a person in a shop, I unintentionally ordered an unoriginal, cheap looking arraignment that didn’t last half as long as the other arraignments. It was very, very embarrassing. Thank you for sharing your tips!

    • Please accept my most sincere condolences on your recent loss I am so sorry you had that experience, but unfortunately it is not uncommon. Ordering fresh flowers online is a risque that need not be taken if you know how to find a real flower shop.

  6. Love all the pictures. So beautiful. I always look up local shops, esp when buying flowers in a different city.

    • Perfect! That’s exactly what you should do when you’re buying flowers!

  7. Look at how adorable those flowers are simply amazing! I hope to visit one day and stop by!

    • Thanks, Dara! I hope you get a chance to visit a real flower shop soon!!

  8. I can not stand high pressure tactics. That would be a permanent turn-off for me.

    • I don’t like high pressure tactics either. I hope you’ll walk into a local flower shop and be happy!

  9. I love flower shops! They are so pretty and always a new flower around so I’m always learning too 🙂

    • Me, too! Even after all these years I am still learning about flowers. I hope you’ll enjoy walking into a flower shop soon!

  10. These are awesome tips. Flowers online are really expensive, so you should really be wary where you order them.

    • Boy, you hit the nail on the head, Elizabeth! I often hear from people that they are astounded when they get to the checkout online and find out how much the “service” fee is!

  11. I love flowers but I never had the chance to purchase them myself. I like it a lot when I receive them. But I must say that flower shops are always pretty and they always look picture-perfect. But really, there’s nothing like having fresh flowers and having awesome arrangements – it makes receiving flowers even a better experience.

    • Good for you! Even after all these years, I still love flowers! I would like to suggest you walk into a flower shop and enjoy the aromas! Tell them I sent you!!

  12. I wish there are more flower shop that offers great service like this

    • Thanks, Michelle. I think most flower shops offer this kind of service. It’s the NON flower shops that I worry about (the ones that pretend to be a flower shop and their websites are so perfect and easy to use that they fool ‘ya!). Beware of photo-shop photos (real flowers aren’t perfect) and tons of discounts. Those companies just want your email address so they can bombard you!

  13. Local flower shops are so great. It adds a special touch.

  14. Beautiful! Seems like a wonderful flower shop!

    • Thanks, Jennifer! We love our flower shop!! If you get a chance, stop by your local flower shop and say Hi!