Sending Flowers as the Final Tribute … Why You Should Send Flowers to a Funeral.

Imagine walking in a funeral home or church. You are there to pay your last respects to a friend, colleague or even family member. As you enter, folks are sitting there, quietly talking but not mingling around. After all, it is a funeral.

As you enter and decide where to stand, sit or who to talk to, you notice that the room is completely devoid of flowers. There’s no plants either. Nothing. There’s the memorial table or casket with the family sitting in the front but that is it. When you explore this vision, if  you feel empty or sad, imagine how the immediate family feels. No one sent flowers? Yes, they may have made donations if they could not attend but the room looks rather dark, sad and quite honestly, dull. That’s not to say that churches and funeral homes are not nicely appointed but nothing is as uplifting in a space as fresh flowers.

Have you noticed how different it is  when there are lots of flowers at a funeral?  Everyone walks around and looks at them. It’s an ice breaker allowing people to discuss the various displays and bond over them. Looking at flowers, smelling them, being close to them actually makes people feel better. Yup, studies prove it, I’m not just making that up.

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Pretty Soft Funeral Spray

White Serenity

Still think it’s a good idea to NOT send flowers? If the deceased brought joy to your life, then you send flowers. If the deceased brought happiness to your life, then you send flowers. If you want to help the family recover from the loss, then you send flowers.

Care and Compassion Funeral Spray

Funeral Spray  

Care and Compassion

One of our friends, Robert Baum, who happens to be the grandson of the author of The Wizard of Oz, put it beautifully when he sent flowers these Somewhere Over The Rainbow Flowers to the funeral of Margaret Pellegrini, the oldest living Munchkin. He said, “If we don’t send flowers, then the family won’t know we are thinking of them.”

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Sending flowers to a funeral or memorial means a lot to the family. It softens the sorrow and warms the heart.

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