Valentine’s Day Hints

Man holding Valentine's Day Roses

Valentine’s Day Hints

Do you need Valentine’s Day Hints? Here’s the first hint: Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and it’s an important day to show how much you care! Be the guy she longs for, the guy who takes the time to DO IT RIGHT!  The most valiant will do it by ordering a beautiful arrangement from their local florist; no online or on-the-phone- delivered-in-a-box 1800-middleman, which is always a gamble to become a DIY nightmare.

Here’s the second hint: If you don’t like taking chances on quality or unnecessary cost, your best bet is to go to a local shop.

Here’s the third hint: True men will send flowers as it’s the romantic’s choice. As a result these men will not only be appreciated by their loved one but they will be getting arrangements and flowers of the highest quality.

Here are our suggestions to keep it fresh this Valentine’s Day:

1. ORDER EARLY! Give us as much notice as possible to ensure you receive the best selection! Early orders always get priority! EASY ORDER ONLINE  Click on the red Valentine’s Day tab!

2. Mix it up!! Do you like to send roses? Roses are beautiful and certainly traditional. Maybe this year you’d like to send something different! Maybe roses and lilies! Maybe send pink roses! You can always add a teddy bear or a box of chocolate. We’ll help you score with all of this.

3. DELIVERY! Yes, we deliver! We’ll be delivering to offices on Thursday and Friday, and to homes on Saturday and Sunday.

DON’T WAIT until the last minute! We want to be certain your sweetheart gets her Valentine’s Flowers.

You are our #1 priority. We’ll take care of you just as if we were sending the flowers to our own sweetheart!

She gets flowers

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pamela and Tina

Roadrunner Florist