Florals end quarrels

In the dog house? With the stress of recent holidays and the new year, it’s understandable many loving couples are finding themselves quarreling during this time. It’s perfectly normal for couples to have disagreements, and sometimes making up can be worth the whole conflict.

Before things get too heated, step back from the situation and ask yourself, “Is all this arguing worth it?” More than likely, it’s not. When we stay mad, it affects our mind, body and more. Being angry makes it hard to stay focused and be productive.

Instead of staying mad at each other, take the higher road and apologize or come to a compromise. Show her she is more important to you than any squabble. Do something extra special and out of the ordinary for her, like sending flowers. Not only will she not be expecting it, flowers show her she means more to you than anything you could ever quarrel about.

The #1 best way to get out of the dog house is with a dozen red roses! We absolutely guarantee it! We’ve seen it time and time again…the guy comes in to the flower shop, takes home a dozen red roses and WHOLA! Things are all better now!

Our Perfect Dozen Red Roses is the ideal gift.  I can’t think of a better way to say I Love You!

For a more modern look, choose  our Unique Roses or Short and Sassy Red Roses.

Unique Tall Roses  Red roses in a cube


Of course if you’re REALLY in trouble,

then consider 2 dozen red roses!

There is no doubt about it, Florals end Quarrels! Get out of the dog house today!

Pamela and Tina

Roadrunner Florist


2007 W Bethany Home, Phoenix, AZ 85015