going green

Christmas Green

We love the aroma of Christmas Greens!

Evergreens fresh from the Pacific Northwest, the fragrances of Pine, Cedar, Silver Fir, Holly…

Can you smell them? We can! 

Our beautiful flower shop smells of Christmas Greens.

From the moment you walk in the door until you finally, reluctantly, decide to leave,

you are greeted with the aromas and fragrances of Christmas.

xmas 2011 greens

This is our shop special! Pretty Fragrant Christmas Greens.

Regularly $35 on sale for $25 this Christmas!

The mad rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over.

You’re shopped out but you’re still looking for that PERFECT Christmas gift.

You want it FRAGRANT (oooh, so fragrant).

You want it HAND DELIVERED (not shipped in a box).

You want to know the lucky person receives it (it doesn’t freeze or get sun baked sitting on a front porch)

You want it delivered ON TIME for Christmas.

You want it to be a reflection of you

(actually you want them to talk about you when they’re admiring it on their Christmas table!)



For more than 36  years, Pamela E Smith, Michigan State University Floriculture Graduate, has been designing beautiful Christmas Floral Arrangements that accent the holiday table with beauty, cheer and the aroma of Christmas.

xmas greens and snow

Amazing Christmas Greens all Decorated up for the Holiday  ($59.95)

xmas greens and candy

Enjoy the Scents of Christmas  ($49.49)

Choose one of our beautiful Christmas Fragrant Green Arrangements for delivery in the Phoenix Area or around the world!


happy holidays

from Pamela and Tina

Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express

  1. Christmas Floral Arrangements are looking really nice..I would like to have them:)

  2. Mmm, cedar! These are gorgeous! I anticipate you are going to be busy this season 🙂

    • Oh,my yes, we are busy, Erin. Right now it’s gift baskets, by the dozens! Next week it will be flowers and centerpieces! Remember, we deliver across the country! Thanks!

  3. Love the smell of Christmas greens. Your arrangements are beautiful. Happy holidays and much success to you!

    • I Love the smell, too, Meryl! Every person who walks into our shop now, I take them to the cooler that has the Christmas greens inside so they can “smell” Christmas! Sending you good wishes for a happy holiday!

  4. What wonderful arrangements and just looking at them I can imagine how wonderful they smell.

    • Yes, Ines, the aroma of Christmas fills our store. Many people choose to have an artificial tree and they miss the smells of Christmas. A floral arrangement like these help to replace that amazing aroma that is a sure sign that Christmas is here!