There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about thinking “Outside the Box” these days.  There’s clamor and commotion and loss of stock value, all of which has lead me to think it’s imperative that we tell you more about Pamela and Tina, the flower shop girls who own an “outside the box” beautiful flower shop!

Today I’m going to talk about Pamela. If you’ve had the pleasure of sending or receiving a floral arrangement that’s designed by Pamela E Smith, Michigan State University Floriculture Graduate, you know what it means to enjoy the freshest flowers, unique designs, and top-notch service from a long-standing professional florist.


Here are a few examples of custom designed floral arrangements that are not on our website.

Pamela's Pink Yellow Lehman  Beverly for Annette  Spring hullabaloo  Over the top

Thinking outside the box means supporting your local businesses.  We are honored to be a charter member of Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona, and other local organizations, emphasize the importance of supporting local businesses, who in turn support our local community. For more than 40 years Roadrunner Florist has been supporting Phoenix and the local neighborhoods through philanthropies that keep the money here.

Statistics show for every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $43 remains in the economy.

However, for every $100 spent at a non-locally owned business, only $13 remains in the economy.

These extra dollars circulating in the community are an investment in local job creation and preserving diverse and prosperous communities. For more information on the economic impact of buying locally, check out the Local First Arizona  Economic Studies page . 

But we are more than a local flower shop! We are real people, just like you, who have lives outside the flower shop as well! I thought I’d share these pictures that Pamela took in her back yard. You’ll see she has a green thumb wherever she goes!


Rose bush  Pansies  

Inside her home she has a model train! I love visiting and playing with it, and her dogs love watching it go ’round and ’round!

The next time you’re thinking about the Floral Industry Hullabaloo, remember Roadrunner Florist!

We are regular people and we’ll treat you like friends and family!

Tina and Pamela

Roadrunner Florist, Phoenix, AZ