It’s HOT in the Summer!

It’s summer in the desert and, frankly, it’s HOT!  So ask yourself, what do you do when it’s this hot?

Well, we take the dog for a walk at dawn. DAWN? Yes, and maybe even before! (that’s Abbie, Chance and Buddy! Abbie’s always ready to go for a walk but little Chance and Buddy are much too tired and would rather sleep!)

Abbie chance  Buddy


We drink lots and lots of water, and some iced tea! We appreciate our customers and friends who drop in! We know it’s hot for them, too, and we always have a nice bottle of cold water to give anyone who stops by!  Our mail carriers are perfect examples! The mail lady today said she “LOVES” coming into the shop because it “smells so good in here” and she leaves with a bottle of water. Cynthia from NFIB was in today to talk about Small Business Lobby, and of course she enjoyed a cold bottle of water.

Bottle of water


Then we swim! (well, some of us do, but that’s another story!) Learning to swim in the desert is critical. Our children aren’t born with fins, so we have to teach them how to swim! If you were to fly over the Phoenix area, you’d see almost every back yard has a pool! Remember: BE RESPONSIBLE! WATCH YOUR CHILDREN AROUND WATER!


We spend a lot of time inside on our computers. Maybe we’re playing Pokemon Go! We tell jokes! Here are a few I received by email today!

2015/02/08 thank goodness you're home the christmas tree fainted - Google Search:  2015/10/17 Sold the cat:

2015/05/11 I think more about running away now than I did as a child...:  2015/08/01 minion sayings | Minion Quotes with Prasanna Rajan and 21 others:

And we deliver flowers EARLY in the morning!

Flowers in a Box from Yelp  Funeral Sunflowers  also me did it  Wow 'em Well Flowers

You might be Up and At’Em early in the morning, or maybe you’re not, but either way, feel free to place your order on our beautiful website for delivery in the morning!  We welcome you to stop by to cool off and enjoy a free bottle of cold water!

What do you do to stay cool in the summer? We can hardly wait to share (and complain) with you!

Tina and Pamela



  1. Although it’s not the desert, it’s hot in upstate NY and I can relate!

    • Boy, yes!! I spoke with a man in Washington DC and he said it’s hotter there than it is here! We agreed it’s all the “hot air” from the politicians!!

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