Let’s Talk Plants!

There are indoor plants, there are outdoor plants, there are succulent plants, there are green plants, there are blooming plants, there are air plants, there are trees, shrubs …. the list goes on! They all have one thing in common: Plants help keep us healthy!

They call it Photosynthesis. Sure, you remember that from elementary school, when you learned that oxygen is brought to you by plants, and therefore you need plants to breathe.

Is it really as simple as that? You bet’cha it is!

Plants help the environment by cleaning up the air. You breathe in, they breathe out. It’s nature’s recycling system. One of the materials that plants produce as they make food is oxygen gas.  This oxygen gas, which is an important part of the air, is the gas that plants and animals must have in order to stay alive.  When people breathe, it is the oxygen that we take out of the air to keep our cells and bodies alive.  All of the oxygen available for living organisms comes from plants.

I thought I’d tell you about the plants we carry in our beautiful flower shop. I often tell people our inventory changes, but we do have “staples”, i.e., plants that we love to offer to our customers because we know they are easy care, hearty, desert-worthy indoor plants.

Did you know Pamela has been knows as The Plant Doctor for almost 50 years? That started when she earned her Floriculture degree at Michigan State University. Since that time, in Michigan and in Arizona, she has really learned her plants!

Here are a few pictures of the plants we carry in our shop.

plants for doctor   planter for red cross   flowers and plants  plant for horrall family     peace lily plant


The fun of working with a real flower shop is our inventory changes (that’s because everything is fresh, fresh, fresh). So, if you’re looking for a delivery of a terrific long-lasting plant, or if you need some advice on a plant that you have at home or in your office, call The Plant Doctor at 602-246-1271!

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