Let’s Think Pink! Why? Because it’s my favorite color!! OK, I’ll bite, this is your chance to tell us YOUR favorite color!! 

I’ve always been a PinkGirl. Just one of those things, I guess, that started when I was a little girl and has always been with me. I had PinkWalls in my bedroom. I had PinkAccents in my furniture. I had PinkBookCovers and PinkDolls and a PinkBedspread. Even my dresses were Pink!

Now, as an adult, I have Cotton Candy PinkCarpeting (honest, that’s what they call is) along with my pink-and-white-polka-dotted bedspread! And Abbie wears a PinkCollar!  There must be something special about Pink!

I’ve had the privilege of designing some beautiful PinkFloralArrangements this spring, and I thought I’d share them with you. I know you’ll Think Pink when you see these!

Then it will be your chance to tell me what your favorite color is. Maybe you’ll be inspired by one of these and you’ll see a color here that talks to you the way pink talks to me!

Have fun!

Think Pink Spring  Think Pink Lilies and Roses  Think Pink Rhonda     Think Pink Tulips  Round and Pink Flowers  Think Pink and White Roses  Think Pink and Purple   Think Pink Bowl  Think Pink Iris

Now that you’ve seen PinkFlowers with other colors, what do you think? Do you like Yellow? Or Lavender? Or White? Maybe a pop of Orange? From Roses to Tulips, from Carnations to Gerbera Daisies, from Alstroemeria to Hydrangea to Lilies and More, we are here to make YOU look good!

Enjoy thinking of your favorite color today!

Tina & Pamela

Roadrunner Florist



  1. Orange!! and Red and Blue (UofA Colors)!


  2. Green! I’ve always liked green. Michigan State University!! Go Spartans!

  3. Pink is my favorite color. I am the only female in my house and I like it because if it’s pink, it means it’s mine 🙂

  4. Yellow because it reminds me of the sunshine!

  5. I love the plain bunch of tulips! Orange is my favorite color so a simple bunch of orange tulips would get my vote.

  6. My favourite colour changes with my moods lol. Purple seems to be the only one I’ve took to though

  7. Throw some purple flowers and I am happy. Must order flowers for my mom.

    • A lot of people are happy with purple!! If you check out our Facebook page, you’ll see a lot of purple there!

  8. My favorite color is pink too!! My husband always gives me pink roses on st valentines haha

  9. I’m differently a pink girl too! I like the pink paired with yellow, it looks so pretty!

  10. I so love the Tulips, they remind me of my first love =) <3, what a refreshing post to start the week, thanks for sharing !

  11. Those are all beautiful arrangements. I love the one with Lavender the most because I am a huge fan of violet hues! Thanks for sharing these lovely flowers.

  12. My favorite color is also Pink! Especially when it is partnered in Light Blue. Oh, so cute!

  13. Right now my favorite colors are green and yellow.

  14. Pink is my go to colors. And pink and black is my favorite color combination – just ask my bedroom

  15. I love lavander and all its shades. It makes me feel good about myself.

  16. I love lavander and all its shades. It makes me feel good about myself. It’s comforting, cozy, and regal. Pink is very dainty. I am not dainty unfortunately.

  17. Those flowers are all beautiful and lovely. I’m hundred percent sure, girls and women would love them all

  18. Such pretty pics of flowers. My favorite color is blue although there aren’t too many natural blue flowers.

  19. These flowers are so beautiful| Pink makes me feel wonderful because it is my favorite color.

  20. Those are so pretty! I love pink and lavendar!

  21. Orange! I love orange flowers. Especially in a predominantly blue arrangement.

  22. oh my they are so lovely. my mom is a florist. she manages a shop in soflo and these remind me of some of the arrangements she makes. very nice.

  23. The pink flowers pop so beautifully with the purple flowers. i’m a blue girl but i do own a lot of pink items so people always guess that its my favorite color

  24. I love your pink flower arrangements and the variety of tones is breathtaking too x

  25. I love pink but my favorite color is blue. I love the pink planter with a splash a blue that you shared with us
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  26. I love blue!

  27. It looks so great with the purple. I love mixed bouquets with a bit of everything!

  28. Ong what beautiful floral arrangements!!! I’m a fan of pink and white when it comes to flowers 🙂

  29. I am going to go on a whim here and suggest that your favourite colour may be pink? haha lovely flowers but I think you pinkatherapy. My favourite colour is purple

  30. The bunch with the lavender is the one that grabs me