It’s Not Too Late To Be Nice!

Sure, you’ve been thinking about Aunt Mary and Uncle George. You got a Christmas card from them (again) this year but you don’t really keep in touch…

And then there’s cousin Frank, who’s just returned from Afghanistan and you haven’t seen him yet…

And cousin Sally, who just gave birth to Baby Alexander (it’s his first Christmas)…

Oh, my, you forgot about Dr. Peters, the guy who helped your son when he broke his elbow playing football…

And your neighbor Jenny, who fed your dog,  picked up your newspaper and held your mail while you went on your trip last summer…

Your co-worker James, who filled in for you last month when you decided to “play hookey” and took your family to the zoo instead of going in to the office…

You keep getting Christmas cards and you just don’t know what to do?

we know

It’s Not Too Late To Be Nice to all of your family,

friends, neighbors and co-workers!

Call, click or come by Roadrunner Florist, a real flower shop, and let us turn your holiday thanks into great holiday wishes!

Fresh Flowers and Centerpieces, designed and professionally delivered, across the country and around the world! Each one has the incredible aroma of Christmas Greens (can you smell them?) because they are delivered FRESH (not in a box) just for you!

xmas greens and snow

Christmas Greens and Snow

Beautiful holiday creations with candles, snowmen, santas, sleighs, festively decorated with balls and pine cones!

xmas centerpiece with snowmen


Smiling Snowman Centerpiece

   merry christmas centerpiece cropped


Dancing Santa Centerpiece

too late

we can help you

send holiday cheer

across the miles

Each floral arrangement is custom designed, either by Roadrunner Florist or another professional florist. The selection of flowers may vary but the sentiment will not.

  1. There’s always someone who waits until almost the last minute to send a gift. So glad you are still available to accommodate these folks. I’m going to share on Facebook!

    • Thank you SO MUCH Meli! We know we’re a “last minute” business, and we’re happy that we can accommodate people who procrastinate until the very end!

  2. What a fun post! And such pretty arrangements as usual! But it is also a great reminder to take the opportunity to thank those around you.

    • Thanks, Lynn. It’s not too late to say Merry Christmas across the miles!