Remembering Mother

Mother’s Day is set aside for remembering mother.


Pamela's Mother Rena

This is my wonderful mother, Rena Smith.

My mother was a true home maker. I remember all the tasty baked goods she enjoyed making for my family, neighbors and friends. I remember the wonderful aroma of tasty rhubarb, cherry and apple pies cooling in the milk-shoot.  And inside on the stove would be banana cream pies cooling. She enjoyed baking for the school bake sales. My mother had a warm heart and a hug for all around her. She often baked fresh cookies and boxed them and sent them to me at Michigan State University where I studied floriculture.

My career started at about 5 when I helped her and my dear brother in the garden. She had about 30 rose bushes along with petunias, pansies and begonias, lots of bedding plants, growing in her gardens. I have so many fond memories of my dear mother.

We have given some thought to how we an honor the memory of our mother on Mother’s Day. You see, we’re traditionalists, and if the tradition doesn’t exist, then we’d like to start one.

I, Tina, remember my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Moley. I used to call her “mom”, probably because I spent more waking hours with her every day than I did with my own mom. Perhaps there is a teacher in your life that you would like to remember this Mother’s Day.

Flowers for Teacher

Many of us have sisters, sisters-in-law or good friends who step up to the plate when the going gets rough. Perhaps she’s a lady that you would like to remember this Mother’s Day.

Let is Spring Flowers

Perhaps you have a daughter who is now a mother. Remembering her on Mother’s Day is always fun because she’s the next generation and without them, well, we have nothing.

Flowers for Spring and Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is for remembering Mother, and also to honor those who carry on the traditions that are so important to us.

We can help you soften the day with flowers from Roadrunner Florist.

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Start your own tradition by sending fresh flowers to the lady in your life whom you’d like to honor this Mother’s Day.


Remember Mom with Flowers