Three!!  What a great number!! Did you know there are 3 floral Holidays in the next 3 weeks? That’s 3 separate occasions to celebrate! It’s fun when I can tell you about reasons to enjoy life, and it’s 3 times more fun when there are 3 in a row!

Today I’m going to write about the first one!! It’s April 27. 

The first one is Secretary’s Day. OK, maybe you call it Professional Administrative Day. I was always a secretary, and I was never offended. Today’s secretaries, to be politically correct, are calls “Admins”. But gee, I just can’t see Anderson Cooper calling Hillary Clinton “Administrative Clinton”, or John Kerry “Administrative Kerry”  can you?

One of Three Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_crop  Three for Secretary Kerry

And you know me … how could I pass up the opportunity to post a picture of my favorite secretary and the MOST FAMOUS SECRETARY(iat)?

Della Street  Secretariat

OK, back to our own secretaries!  We know they’re valuable. We know they make our business run. We know they’re the ones who keep us going and spinning like a top! We have three of our FAVORITE secretaries!

Stacy.   Elaine.  Donna

Stacy  Elaine  Peach

How do you thank your secretary?

Celebrate our Secretaries (or Admins) on Wednesday April 27.

Send them Fresh Flowers!

Sentimental Home  or Think Yellow 

PES Favorite flowers in a tisket basket     Think Yellow

Send beautiful plants for their desks or offices.

Dieffenbachia or Pothos

dieffenb   plant for horrall family

Send them Lots of Snacks or Fresh Fruit

(for them to share with the staff and with YOU)

Lotsa Snacks  or Fresh Fruit

Ask for Snacks  Yummy Fresh Fruit

Now it’s your turn!!


Post her name and picture here!! Then Thank Her with a fresh floral arrangement or gift basket!

We can hardly wait to see all of the pictures and names! And THANKS!

Tina and Pamela



  1. I have never been or had a secretary, but they definitely work hard and deserve the recognition!!

  2. I think I’d prefer receiving snacks more than anything else – They look really tasty in that photo!

  3. My secretary is also my best friend! i always endulge her with chocolate! she loves hersheys! hehe

  4. I LOVE that snack basket! Best way to my own heart 🙂

  5. Flowers are wonderful, but I’d take that sugary sweet basket any day 🙂

  6. I had no idea we have this kind of day to celebrate, that’s really nice because we get to show appreciation for the people who help us run out business. I love the idea of giving flowers but I’m sure they’ll enjoy the snacks more! No matter what you decide to give them, they deserve the recognition for their hard work!

  7. I would love to receive that candy basket! I always call my husband’s secretary his secretary and she always corrects me to admin. I guess it’s just one of those personal preference things. But, I like secretary.

  8. I think flowers are a great way of thanking the secretaries for giving up their time to help us.

  9. We always have to thanks everybody for their help! I definitely would love to receive a snack haha

  10. This is sweet. I remember my school secretary. She was so kind 🙂

  11. I love the idea of sending beautiful flowers, it’s a great way to show your appreciation for them.

  12. I love receiving flowers- fresh cut or in a pot- either way. In my opinion it’s always a great gift.

  13. Such a great post, I will tell this to my dad for his secretary, glad you share this

  14. I love the flowers, especially at this time of the year!

  15. Pothos! Hmm. I don’t know any secretary! Maybe I’ll just go to my Doctor’s office and talk to the secretary there. lol

  16. This is fun. I know a lot of great people who are secretaries. Great gift ideas.

  17. I buy her things she likes or bring her coffee and sweets. I think the simple things matter the most.

  18. Secretary really plays a big role in a company. I admire them a lot!

  19. I have my own admin person so I guess she is my favourite secretary

  20. I agree…LOL…I prefer the snack basket over the flowers….is that bad?

  21. I’ve never had a secretary although, my husband have one so will be telling him to give some special offerings for all his secretary’s patients for working with him