Thursday: St Patrick’s Day

If it’s Thursday, it must be St Patrick’s Day!

What does that mean? It means it’s a day of green!!

Did you wear green clothes to school growing up? I remember, I did. I remember one year (in 4th grade) I wore a skirt in a really light shade of green and the students and teachers said it “wasn’t green enough” and I got pinched all day long!

I’ve never let that happen again! Not after all these years! So, when I can’t find green in my closet, then I pick up green flowers and wear them on my lapel!

Here are a coupleĀ great ideas for green flowers that you can order right here for delivery on Thursday!

Roadrunner Florist Presents Amazing Green Flowers

Check out these tall beautiful green flowers!

Tall Green Beautiful

Roadrunner Florist is a full-service florist, locally owned by Pamela E Smith for more than 38 years. Pamela graduated from Michigan State University Floriculture and brought her expertise to Phoenix for all of us to enjoy! Her creations are unique and fun. She can custom design a stunning floral arrangement just for you!

All you have to do is all, click or come by our beautiful flower shop.

Thursday, March 17th is set aside as the “wearin’ of the green” and we’re excited to help you Not Get Pinched the way I did when I was a little girl!

Make sure you’re wearing green, giving green and thinking green for St Patrick’s Day on Thursday!

Order now! We’ll design and deliver GREEN just for you!!
Tina & Pamela

Roadrunner Florist