We Give Thanks…To You

You are our customer and our friend. And we THANK YOU for being part of our lives.

You are the reason we get up and are excited to go to work.

New Shop Signs

You are the reason we bring in fresh flowers every day.

Cooler at Roy Houff

You are the reason Pamela has been in the floral industry for almost 50 years!

PES Starts Christmas

You are the reason we design unique floral arrangements, not the kind you see all over the Internet, at reasonable prices.

Our cooler

You are the reason we spend July hand-making our Christmas bows.

Christmas Bows

You are the reason we design one-of-a-kind gift baskets, not like you get at a Big Box Store.

Tina Ashburn - Basket Express Owner

You are the reason we have an amazing website (OK, 2 amazing websites) for you to use.

Roadrunner Florist  The BASKET Express logo

We thank you for your support during the year. We know you have choices, and we appreciate you choosing us!

Happy Thanksgiving from Pamela and Tina, Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express

Pamela Smith and Tina Ashburn at Roadrunner Florist

  1. …….and you Tina, are the reason I made a go of accounting by being my very first client, to say nothing of the friend you have become. You and Pamela have formed a great business partnership that unlike many I have known have endured through difficult times and prospered. I do hope by now that the greater Phoenix area has realized just what jewels the two of you are.

    • Thank you so much, Dave, for always being here for me. I’m honored to have been your first accounting client, and to still have you and Bobbie as friends. Your retirement to Vermont was a shock to me, when most people retire to Phoenix, and I’m so glad we have been able to continue our working (and friendship) relationship across the miles. Thank you again.