Can’t be home for Thanksgiving? SEND FLOWERS!

Can’t be home for Thanksgiving? SEND FLOWERS! We know what it’s like to not be able to be home for Thanksgiving. It’s affecting every one of us.  The CDC has put restrictions on us that make travel next to impossible this year. But we know we want

I LOVE a Cornucopia


I LOVE a Cornucopia! A Cornucopia, you say? What is that? It’s a symbol of plenty! Called the “Horn of Plenty”, it is a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with flowers and colors of the season! It’s STUNNING on a Thanksgiving

What is exciting about Autumn?

What is exciting about autumn? We look forward to autumn and the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, cooler temperatures outside, and tasty warm drinks like hot cocoa and pumpkin lattes.  We’re excited when the colors in our cooler changes from pinks and lavenders to

Why Thanksgiving?


Why Thanksgiving? Because my mother says it’s the holiday we seem to forget!  So, we thought we’d  take a minute to remind you about the joys of Thanksgiving! Lost somewhere after Halloween and before Christmas is Thanksgiving, a day that we set aside to be grateful for

Why Can’t We Just “Make It Nice” Anymore?

cornucopia fall display

Why Can’t We Just “Make It Nice” Anymore? I recently read an article in Bloomerang, a floral marketing strategy, that asked, “Why Can’t We  Just “Make It Nice” Anymore? I was enthralled by the question because so many of our customer ask us to do just that!

We Give Thanks…To You

Pamela Smith and Tina Ashburn at Roadrunner Florist

We Give Thanks…To You You are our customer and our friend. And we THANK YOU for being part of our lives. You are the reason we get up and are excited to go to work. You are the reason we bring in fresh flowers every day. You