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What is a blog? Blog is officially a noun, defined as this:

“a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style”

We think this blog page is the perfect place for Roadrunner Florist to present blog posts and for you to join in the fun, too! Here we will discuss holidays, occasions, reasons to send gift baskets and flowers, exciting events occurring at Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express.  

You are invited to participate with us, and offer ideas and suggestions that you’d like us to discuss. Perhaps you have an upcoming wedding and you need ideas about flowers and pricing. Maybe you are planning a large party or corporate event. Then write to us and we’ll be happy to respond. Maybe you’re planning a conference or convention, or even a special birthday or baby shower! This is the place for you!

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We are REAL PEOPLE designing Floral Arrangements and Gift Baskets for REAL PEOPLE (like you!)!

Are We Competing?

A Flower

Are we competing? Are we competing? And if so, for what? Are we competing for you time? Are we competing for your energy? Are we competing for your hard-earned dollars? You bet’cha we are! We know your time is valuable. We know you spend time on the

You Ladies are Fantabulous!

A Dozen Red Roses

You Ladies are Fantabulous! Today I thought I’d tell you about Chris. Chris lives in western Texas. He found us on yelp several months ago.  Since that time we’ve been designing and delivering floral arrangements to his girlfriend. The first time, we sent a dozen red roses.

YOU can be a star!

Dozen red roses Happy Women Customer

YOU Can be a Star! Did you know you can be a star? We love taking pictures of people who come into our flower shop and choose flowers from our beautiful cooler or let us design flowers while they wait. Each person has a story to tell!

What is a Real Flower Shop?

Our cooler

What is a Real Flower Shop? People ask us all the time, and we know the answer! We’re going to let you in on our secret so you’ll know the answer too! Welcome to Roadrunner Florist & Basket Express, proud to be YOUR REAL FLOWER SHOP! A

Amazing! A Floral video worth watching!

wonderful red roses

Amazing! A floral video worth watching! We have terrific friends. Some we’ve had for years and years (and years). I have 3 friends who help us with deliveries 3 times a year. We count on them for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. Our deliveries wouldn’t be smooth

Strike Up The Band!

Strike Up the Band Glendale Summer Band

Strike Up The Band! Every summer, the City of Glendale, Arizona, sponsors 8 weeks of band concerts. FREE concerts!! Come one, come all! Did you know the City of Glendale, AZ, has a bandshell right outside the city building? It’s right there, where they have the amazing

Why is June the #1 Month to Get Married?

Bridal Bouquet

We are often asked Why is June the #1 Month to Get Married? Perhaps you’re wondering, too, so I did a little bit of research. The romantic in me wants to think this is the reason: The Roman goddess Juno was the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, and

Memorial Day Memories

red white blue funeral spray

There are many opportunities to remember our honored loved ones on Memorial Day. We take the day to celebrate our heroes, men and women who gave their lives so that we can be free. We celebrate with parades, fireworks, stories and song. PBS produces a concert at

Thank you!

A very special THANK YOU! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and friends who shared their mothers with us on Mother’s Day! You know who you are! You are the ladies and gentlemen who called, clicked or came by our beautiful flower shop! You selected

Remembering Mother

Remembering Mother Mother’s Day is set aside for remembering mother.   This is my wonderful mother, Rena Smith. My mother was a true home maker. I remember all the tasty baked goods she enjoyed making for my family, neighbors and friends. I remember the wonderful aroma of

Honor Mom

Cute and Sassy Corsage

Honor Mom My mom is no stranger to blogs from Roadrunner Florist. Sometimes I feel like I’m sharing my mom with all of you, which brings me great pleasure, especially at Mother’s Day when I honor Mom. Pamela and I recently had the pleasure of traveling to

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day Different, Not Less We would like to share and would love to see all of our neighborhoods shining in blue in support of this day and in honor of all the people who are “Different, Not Less” April 2nd is Put a Blue

National Doctor’s Day

Cute and Sassy Corsage

Today, Monday, March 30, 2015, is National Doctor’s Day! So, what are you going to do to celebrate this day? Hmmm…let me think… You could pick up the phone and call our doctor to tell her you’re FEELING JUST FINE! (I’ll be no one ever does that!).  Or

How Do You Celebrate Spring with Flowers?

How Do You Celebrate Spring with Flowers? We are professional florists and gift basket designers who help you celebrate the holidays and special occasions in your life. Did you know we can help you celebrate spring with flowers across the country and around the world? We love 

Marvelous Michelle

roses and tropicals

Marvelous Michelle In honor of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2015, we invited our facebook friends, blog friends and email friends to nominate a particularly amazing lady to have this incredible floral arrangement named after her. Several names were placed into nomination, and the winner, by 3-1,

International Women’s Day | March 8, 2015

International Women’s Day | March 8, 2015 International Women’s Day, observed annually on March 8, is a day to honor and celebrate the achievements of women from around the world. With efforts dating back as early as 1908, the occasion is an official holiday observed in more

It’s Not Too Late To Order Valentine’s Day Roses

wonderful red roses

It’s Not Too Late It’s not too late to order your Valentine’s Day Roses from Roadrunner Florist! First you visit our beautiful website, then you choose your favorite arrangement. You then  click on your favorite, order on our secure website and   Magic happens! Magic, you say? Yes, Roadrunner

Why Choose Our Roses?

wonderful red roses

Why Choose Our Roses? Our Beautiful Quality Roses! Roadrunner Florist hand picks the freshest most beautiful roses. So, let me tell you a little bit about roses. Roses, like diamonds, are graded. You can buy a diamond for just about any amount of money, but beware! The

Delivery! Fresh Flower Delivery!

Fresh Flower Delivery! Today I thought I’d talk about Delivery. Why? Because Delivery is one of the services offered by a Real Professional Florist  like Roadrunner Florist to Real People like you! A Real Professional Florist custom designs fresh floral arrangements to your specifications, like the ones

Today is the Day

wonderful red roses

Today is the Day to order your Valentine’s Day Roses from Roadrunner Florist! Why Today?  Because we design and deliver the most beautiful roses for you! Because we will be delivering on Thursday, Friday.  and Saturday. Because you want your loved one to know how special she

Three More Days

Three More Days are of time of time to order your fresh Christmas floral arrangement and have it    in time for the holiday! Yes, DELIVERED! By a real person (not in a box) to a real person (not a front porch) already custom designed (not where they

…Checkin’ it Twice…

Are you makin’ your list and checkin’ it twice… Who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? We’ll bet you know someone who’s been nice and deserves a beautiful Christmas floral arrangement or gift basket. Roadrunner Florist  & Basket Express can still deliver for you! Local Phoenix and

It’s Not Too Late To Be Nice!

It’s Not Too Late To Be Nice! Sure, you’ve been thinking about Aunt Mary and Uncle George. You got a Christmas card from them (again) this year but you don’t really keep in touch… And then there’s cousin Frank, who’s just returned from Afghanistan and you haven’t